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At Navo we've teamed up with the Visa Machine - experts in Overland Visa Logistics so you can get your visas en-route to China simply and easily.

For the unaccustomed, visas are more than stickers that make your passport look pretty. They're the official authorisation for entrance into and travel within a country or region. In many countries, without a visa you'll simply be turned away at the border. Obtaining the right visas can be a confusing, complicated and often stressful process.

The Visa Machine offer a Visa Advice Service and because their prices are low they're cheaper than doing it yourself - it's certainly a lot less hassle!

Every visa comes with a 'how to guide' on filling the forms, the Visa Machine team are on hand to answer all your enquiries on the phone and via email, they check all your documents prior to submission and you can track your documents.

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Most consulates have different rules, requirements and prices for their visas for different nationalities. Choose your nationality above and the Visa Machine will direct you to the information you need.

Can I use more than one passport?

You're better off using only one passport for a single trip as every time you enter a country, they'll want to see the exit stamp from the country you just left. If you have dual nationality (or more for those lucky few), we would recommend you try out your various nationalities to find out which gives you the easiest and cheapest visas. Select your first nationality above and you'll be able to try your other nationalities later.

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